It comes a day after Corey wrote several expletive filled messages, most of which were later deleted, about the star.

Clearly still reeling from their break up earlier this month he wrote: 'A girl that's told yes by everyone surrounding them grows up to be a heartless closed off insecure individual.'Time 2 pick up the pieces & stop being so sad!

We were mostly friends for the most part." Despite Brescia's statements, it's clear Patridge had serious feelings for the reality star, even admitting that she felt "hurt" when he and Cavallari started to fake date for the show.

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"They walked along the beach holding hands and had some wonderful dinners," a source says.

"Nic likes her because she is a casual surfer girl, she is his type." According to Corey Bohan, that "type" is ...

Some woman will always be empty & rotten from the inside out,' he wrote in an earlier message.'U cant love a heartless woman.'According to US Weekly magazine, Audrina finished the relationship between the two in early March and wasted no time moving on.

She was spotted getting cosy with polo player Nic Roldan less than a week later while filming scenes for her new reality show, Audrina, in Florida.

Audrina supposedly was having "a blast" spending time with Nic - they even went to the Kentucky Derby together - but in her heart, she wanted to try and make things work with Corey.

According to reports, Audrina Patridge has ended thing with her polo playing BF Nic Roldan so that she can start dating her ex-boyfriend Corey Bohan again.

The 28-year-old is a top American polo player who lives in Palm Beach, Florida, where he recently gave Patridge a polo lesson, but apparently she's been giving him tanning lessons on the beach too! A source close to the couple says that while their relationship is just "blossoming" right now, "they're having a lot of fun together." He looks like a catch to us, Audrina! [ "Major sparks flew between Audrina and Nic Saturday night, and the entire evening they couldn't stop laughing and touching each other.

In a text message, he talked about the relationship, writing: He's not afraid to use smiley faces! Audrina seemed to be having the time of her life, dancing and mingling with guests, but you could tell she was especially focused on Nic." won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series -- and fully expected some cute moment with Millie Bobby Brown and her kid costars.

Audrina Patridge's split from Corey Bohan is turning into an ugly war of words.