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It’s an exciting time to be single and dating in Australia.

The popularity of social media has led to a heightened awareness of dating apps and services like e Harmony, and is also having an impact on reducing the stigma once associated with online dating – especially among younger audiences.

People will increasingly participate in ‘active dating’ behavior.

That means becoming more socially active, extending their networks and being strategic in their dating choices.

For example, casual dating apps are popular with younger people who enjoy the social nature of the experience – it’s a diversion they can engage in with their friends.

But most Aussies don’t seem to take these apps too seriously.

Australians are not only becoming more sophisticated in their online dating behavior, but also more strategic about the ‘dating brand’ they are putting out into the world.

Ms Schilling predicts that people will use several online platforms simultaneously to meet a range of different dating needs.

They understand that a genuine, long-lasting connection is based on a deeper level of compatibility, which is hard to find with photo-and location-based apps.