It is important to notice that you will need to apply any formatting and design into the source data table and charts because this won’t let you change the design in Power Point, but well, this is the trade off between having the data up to date and change the data every time the source document is changed.

For simplicity, you can use the named range in Excel, in order to assign a name to the table.

Format tab – gives different options to change the shape of the chart, the style for the words, how objects are aligned, and the size of the chart.

automatic updating excel charts powerpoint-51

The chart is automatically updated, including the legend if we change the data labels.

Select the chart and the Chart Tools contextual tab appears.

For instance, Excel will automatically update a chart when you make a change to the chart data.

If you need to capture a screenshot of your chart before a change is made, you need to break the link to its data source.

For example, you can make a Pivot Chart Active in a Power Point Slide using this approach or insert a pivot table in Power Point presentation.

Sometimes it seems as though Microsoft Excel is almost too efficient.

usually preople use code which does not correctly identify the chart object. If I copy the excel chart and link it using the Keep Source Formatting & Link Data (F) method it comes in as a macro enabled worksheet and the links don't update.

In Power Point 07 or Word 07 when you insert a chart you will actually be using Excel to get the chart in these applications.

Finally, here is the Power Point with the data copied from Excel 2010.