YT: Do you have a favorite image you've created so far?

JT: It's hard to pick now that I've done more than 300 of these.

So we would send links back and forth, with "Dude, can you believe this guy put this on his profile? And these are the same friends who post on Facebook; you know, stuff from Cute Overload all "OMGSQUEEEE BABY SLOTH." So it finally just occurred to me to put the two together, like "Well, this profile wouldn't be so bad if it were posted by an adorable hedgehog."YT: How do you find the funny (real) captions to include?

So in case you've been wondering: no, you're not the only "weirdo" magnet Your Tango: Tell me a little bit about yourself!

You said you were a single mom; how about your kids? YT: Where did you get the inspiration for the blog?

Sounds like the atypical photo fibber if you ask me, and a classic online disappointment.

Cut through the crap and recognize the pitfalls and early warning signs.

I'm pretty sure she had the same reaction to him as I did.

Basically, I think I'm pretty much done with online dating for awhile. This date from hell story was submitted by: Dewi from Los Angeles Dr.

I do enjoy it, though, for the most part — I like dressing up once in a while and going to a restaurant that has a wine list instead of a kids' menu.

I like meeting new people and finding out what makes someone tick.

I've dated a couple of guys who know about the site and they get a little paranoid about whether they're going to show up as an aardvark or camel or something. And how have your views of dating influenced your blog?