On the other hand, if it doesn’t work out, then you have to deal with the awkwardness of seeing each other on a regular basis, having friends in common, and possibly ‘tainting’ some of your best dance places.

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“To me, it’s a lot like dating at work,” she said, when asked if she would prefer a dancer or an NDSO. Here’s someone you can talk to about your interests, who has the same vocabulary you do, who has a lot of the same friends, and who won’t get bored when you all go on and on at dinner.

Not to mention, they won’t resent all the time and money you spend on your hobby/obsession/second job.

” One dancer in Silicon Valley, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me about her experiences with dating and swing in that particular scene.

The large male demographic of the area means there are a lot more leaders than followers, and the general makeup of the labor-force implies that one of their dances is a great place to take your broken laptop.

If the relationship doesn’t work out it can be very hard to see them all the time and see them date new people.” However, for many, dating a dancer is the dream.

“If you are a dancer, dating dancers has a lot of benefits,” Captain Obvious said.

“Fortunately, she is very understanding of my passion,” said Thom.

“I’ve slowed down lately because it all got somewhat tiring, but last year I was travelling in Europe for a long weekend once a month, and dancing three or four times a week back home, every week. She loves the great outdoors: kayaking, mountain biking, triathlons, running, climbing, etc.

Competing against them, judging them — in contests, not just in general :) — fighting about swing-out technique…

and I think the thing that can really be the hardest is that you often have the same friends, go to the same dances and travel to the same events.

In some ways, it’s great because the women seem to feel very comfortable having fun without worrying about acquiring stalkers (yes, we do worry about such things), but I wonder if people feel that they’re not getting out of the scene what they wanted, and that contributes to our high turnover.” Even though the scene doesn’t stress romance, she occasionally has attempted to combine the two.