In fact, it’s possible that your ex could be an incredible friend.Provided you know how to deal with her after the relationship ends.

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Instead, by trying to be “friends” with her afterwards, I was just desperately clinging to what used to be, begging for whatever scraps of affection might still be there.

It’s impossible to heal when you’re constantly picking at the scabs, and whether you’re wishing your ex would take you back or you’re nursing elaborate revenge scenarios to make them feel all the misery feeling, every new photo on Facebook and status update is going to be a tiny dagger to your soul.

In fact, the better you are able to handle a post-breakup relationship with your ex, the better your partners about the sort of person you are.

After all, the biggest common denomenator in all of your relationships is you.

Nobody says you have to be close with an important part of your life; being able to interact with them without drama is an important skill to cultivate.

One of the most important – and misunderstood – aspects of recovering from a break-up is the Nuclear Option – that is, cutting off all ties and forms of contact with your ex.

even when it means accepting that sometimes there’s no “good guy” and no “bad guy”.

Getting hurt doesn’t mean that somebody was right and somebody was wrong; sometimes it’s not one person’s fault and you have to accept that, as much as we’d like to have a clear cut “THIS IS WHY IT HAPPENED” resolution, life’s just fucking . Time to let it go like a thinly veiled Disney anthem about coming out of the closet.

Because quite frankly, the anger and the bitterness that comes from a break-up? All it’s doing is burning a pit in your gut and making you take time away from your recovery period when you could be doing more productive things like actually working on your life instead of plotting elaborate revenge fantasies.