Think of online dating as a journey into a new city where no one knows you.

According to’s Cost of Dating Index, the average cost of a couple of drinks is $16.50.

Add in taxi fares, admission fees and the cost of looking your best, and meeting people offline is an expensive business!

For the 99.9% of us that don’t look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, another advantage of online dating is that looks don’t matter half as much as they do offline. You can reveal things about yourself that you usually hide or play down without any fear of losing out in the dating stakes.

Dating profiles do include photos (and you should be sure to post one yourself) but personalities, interests and experiences are up for viewing too. For one thing, you’re completely anonymous and for another, online dating services have so many members that you’d have to be extremely unusual or undesirable not to attract your fair share of admirers, warts and all!

It’s disappointing at best, heartbreaking at worst.

Online dating profiles and initial one-to-one communications give you information up front so you can make better choices and follow them through with confidence.Learn how to vastly improve your love life with these very cool books reviewed by Amy Young.You'll learn how you can have better relationships with men or women and how to have a much hotter sex life.For the newly single, an advantage of online dating is that you can get back into the swing of things without actually having to meet anyone.It’s also a safe and effective way to renew your self-esteem, confidence and optimism following a painful break-up.Most online dating services have simple, low key tools that let you check if the interest is mutual before you take things further.