Since convict transportation ended in the mid-19th century, the city has transformed from a colonial outpost into a major global cultural and economic centre.As at June 2015 Sydney's estimated population was 4.92 million. Sydney is the second official seat and second official residence of the Governor-General of Australia and the Prime Minister of Australia and many federal ministries maintain substantial presences in Sydney.

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7 Days per week visiting/feeding as she was my only relative did not leave much energy and since her passing (6 Years) have I guess been a bit depressed and not feeling up to it.

E E, It would be very good therapy for you to make a commitment to start coming along regularly to the dinners to get out of your shell.

Yes, it's very girlish, but I blush at the thought and smile widely every time I think of it.

It allows me to meet wonderful men, to know them and fulfill fantasies that at times cannot be spoken or difficult to express. The thought of running wild in a meadow free of worries and having you chase after me, hold me and ravish me may be out of a story book, but it so excites me!

You are invited to join the people already booked in to this event to enjoy lunch and learn about the platypus.

Happy New Year to you and the many I probably still know and who have been going. Not getting out in general as spent years visiting mum in the nursing home when dementia brought her down.

Men everywhere have this special gift with their eyes. They can dominate me by a mere glance or excite me beyond words by their firm stare. The thought of just standing before you tantalizes me.

It's when I know that you are looking at me, that you bring the best out of me. What girl doesn't love to be treated well, pampered and spoiled?

They will do you a world of good and give you many happy memories.

Otherwise you will just sit around at home and mope.

Positives can sometimes become negatives - living in a vibrant, busy, cosmopolitan city like Sydney is amazing.