I like Matt a lot but isn't this movie a perfect opportunity to cast an Asian American actor? Some also happen to be dating and marrying white women, here are some of my favorite couples:1) James Kyson (starred in hit show Heroes) and his wife Dr.

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Also, many East/South East Asians tend to be a bit shy so it makes it really hard to meet them in person, in a more romantic setting.

I will go off tangent here and talk a bit about Western/Southern Asian men.

They are cool dudes who deserve their youtube hits.

EDIT: It’s been over 4 years since I originally wrote this answer (when my wife and I got married!

Yes, I said “East/South East Asian” because we do have a pretty large Pakistani and Lebanese population (West/South Asia).

We do have a Chinatown but unfortunately, most families are pretty closely knit and are not too keen on their sons dating a non-Asian girl.Yes, we’ve all seen the silly TV ads and laugh all you want but for me, this was the best way to meet Asian men!I’ve never been on any of those sites where it’s girls looking for their CPop, KPop, JPop idol lookalike and yes, that is a scary thought.Note: I said which means generally, which means not in all cases.In fact, the only site on which I received matches from Asian men was a PAID site: e (it’s the Canadian site – the US site is: e Harmony.com).An attempted rape does not help either (yes, I said rape).