You can find a dating app that caters to just about anyone's interests these days. Tindo was created for single pet parents who are looking to find a match and get their pets involved in the picking process.

The Kingsport Parks & Recreation Department is trying its hand at a new kind of event later this month — a Doggie Date Night.

And the main attraction showing on the outdoor big screen? “The classic dog movie.” The free event will take place from p.m. on May 13 at the main building at Borden Park, near the tennis courts.

No registration is required, though dogs must be kept on a leash.

After realizing “zoo keeper” might not be the most fulfilling career move, I became a professional mascot (read: cheerleader that didn’t make the squad). First, let’s cover animals in general, then dive into the different breeds of dog. If ol’ gal owns a feline, she probably has a few screws loose.

So, I didn’t become a vet or millionaire or husband or …sorry, I digress. True story: I once had to clean the byproduct of a dog that ate an entire box of crayons. Anyway, I DO KNOW ANIMALS, and I have a magical gift of being able to tell everything about a girl just by the kind of pet she has. If she owns multiple cats, a cat run, four or more scratching posts, and buys 87 pounds of kitty litter a month, that means she talks to make-believe friends and eats couch foam. If a girl owns a ferret (or harem of ferrets), she probably never bathes and loves Krystal burgers by the bag load.

Dogs are permitted and encouraged to attend the event, but must be on a lead at all times and dogs requiring muzzles by law must wear them at all times during the event.

Don’t forget to bring your gold coins in support of RSPCA WA too – just look for the tin-shakers at the event! A big thanks to our Top Dog sponsors: and RSPCA WA while promoting your business, then consider donating a prize for the raffle!

We are sure there are a few ladies out there who do this as well..many told us that a major pet peeve is when their guy comes in and just takes over the TV. What is shocking is that so many are still engaging in this behavior.

Does it matter that she's watching her fave program?

Download the 2016 Exhibitors List Raffle tickets for the Giant Ball Drop are now on sale! You’ll need to read the Sponsorship Conditions in the 2016 Sponsorship Opportunities doc first, then just head to the Giant Ball Drop donation page to register your interest!

Get yours from Whiteman Park Administration (Mon-Fri, 8.30am – 4.30pm), the Whiteman Park Visitor Information Centre (10am-4pm daily) or RSPCA WA Administration in Malaga (Mon-Fri, 8.30am-4.30pm). Donation registration closes Friday, 2 September, 2016.

They’re going to come out, along with some different vendors, and set up some stuff for the dogs.” Ensor said Freddie’s Frozen Custard, the Kingsport Dog Park Association, some groomers and possibly a local veterinarian will come out for this first ever event.