“I’d never seen anyone with that much focus,” Nancy Bekavac said.

Hillary was deeply impressed by how much he cared about his origins and how much he was committed to going back to Arkansas to make a difference.

As Nancy Bekavac noted, “Hillary was very sharp and Chicago, and Bill was very .” Stated another way, to Bill’s soft, stereotypically “feminine” qualities, Hillary brought tough, classically “masculine” traits.

The only problem was that more often than not, their complementary differences also generated outright conflict.

Then one day in the library, after Bill kept gazing at Hillary down at the other end of the Gothic-arched room, Hillary strode up to him and said, in effect, “Look, if we’re going to spend all this time staring at each other, we should at least get to know who the other is.”And the rest, supposedly, is history.

Robert Reich claims to have introduced the two at the beginning of the semester. In Bill Clinton’s memoir, he says that he saw Hillary for the first time in a class on political and civil rights.

Just as often as the two cooed and flirted, they fought viciously, using their superintelligence to rip each other apart.

Neither was weak-willed, but given their other qualities—his affability and charm, her assertiveness and strong-mindedness—she was more likely to go on the attack, and he was more likely to be on the defensive.

“She had thick dark blond hair,” he wrote, “and wore eyeglasses and no makeup.

But she conveyed a sense of strength and self-possession I had rarely seen in anyone, man or woman.” Still another version has Bill following Hillary around campus. He caught up with her on her way to registration and joined her in the line, even though he had already registered.

was straightforward, articulate and self-possessed.” Sometimes the contrasts led to exchanges that were humorous as well as telling.