“I really don’t want to talk about this,” Coulter said as Maher continued to discuss the infamous footage in which Trump bragged about grabbing unsuspecting women’s genitals.

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Bill maher's family stoped going to church, because Bill Maher's father did not agree with the Pope's position on birth control.

Bill Maher grew up in River Vale, New Jersey and attended Pascack Hill High School.

But the couple, reportedly, had a very bumpy relationship.

And just before they were about to get married, they broke up their engagement.

Bill Maher's father, an Irish Catholic, was an NBC editor and his mother, a Jewish, was a nurse.

Bill Maher's religion views may have the roots in the comedian's childhood, because he didn't know that his mother was a Jewish until he was a teenager, being raised in his father's Catholic religion.

One of her earliest relationships was with British actor James Tully. She was then seen with the controversial magazine/ publisher heir, Bob Guccione Jr, who was found guilty of promoting a ` and not paying his female employees the same as men in a career that started from 1978.

Coulter was then linked with fellow author Dinesh D' Souza. A rumor also sparked in the late 1990s that Ann was dating American actor Jimmie Walker. Ann seems quite unlucky in relationships, doesn’t she?

Bill Maher, by his full name William Maher, Jr., was born on 20th of January 1956, in New York City.

The comedian Bill Maher is the son of William Maher Sr and Julie Maher.

Many of her books have been on the New York Times Best Seller list.