Perhaps it’s our respective histories of oppression.Perhaps it’s because of our mothers, who are overbearing, intrusive and force us to eat.A group of friends – six of us in total, one happened to be African – went out to partake in the “White Night” festivities taking place throughout the city.

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Afterwards, we all gathered at a bar to sit and calm ourselves after this terrifying event.

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Racist law enforcement officials didn’t threaten us with jail-time if we, in fact, got married. Then, we went home from the synagogue, and, as our honeymoon, we took a nap. The Sun rose and set that day, and everyone more or less went about their business. It is not, as my fashion designer wife would say, “so matchy-matchy.” So, being in a mixed-race couple still is different. If I see a mixed-race couple when I’m walking around, I notice them too.

No one had a conniption fit (except for our families because we didn’t invite any family members to the ceremony). But, in retrospect, I realize it was not so uneventful. It still engenders looks, still raises eyebrows, still causes people to stop, look, point, stare and/or comment. (Then, I usually offer them a subtle head nod, as if to say, “yep, me too. Those of you who follow my comedy know that my wife is a Black woman who converted to Judaism. My wife is beautiful, intelligent and independent, but she’s not exotic.

He then threateningly brandish a can of pepper spray and yelled, “Jewish girls do not go with Blacks!

” We tried to separate these aggressors from our friend, putting our bodies in between them, yelling, “No, stop, go away!After a few hours, we began to walk back through the busy streets and decided to head south on one of Tel Aviv’s major thoroughfares, Alenby. As we made our way back to south Tel Aviv, two young men wearing matching black security uniforms and yarmulkes approached us. ” (Kushi is a derogative Hebrew term for black person.) A conversation between my friend and the aggressors went as follows: “He is my boyfriend, leave us alone,” my friend said. ” At this point they started screaming at us, demanding to know if we are Jewish, then if we spoke Hebrew.“In that case we have a few questions for you.” “I am not interested in your questions.” “Why? My African friend tried to say, “what happened”, in honest and utter confusion at the events taking place.Perhaps it’s because without us, there would be no music industry.Whatever the reason, the simple fact is that there is a bond between Blacks and Jews. Our union is not even particularly ground-breaking.As the research I have been working on focuses on the issues of crime in south Tel Aviv, I believe it is safe to say that these incidents are increasing in frequency.