They go round to Carli's house and he sprays "I love Carly D'Amato" (sic) on her driveway in spray paint, only to be embarrassed when Carli and her friends turn up.

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Will's credibility increases in the first series, as he embarks on a short-lived relationship with Charlotte (Emily Atack).

Simon's quest to seduce his childhood sweetheart, Carli (Emily Head), is never completed – often due to Jay's intervention.

During Simon's test he is examined by a female examiner who tries to put him at ease with the use of sexual connotations; Simon is submissive to her advances and ends up passing his test.

His dad then buys him a small yellow Fiat Cinquecento Hawaii, much to his dislike and embarrassment exacerbated by taunts from friends.

After the ride they return to the car which is covered with food and has had the windows and doors smashed by the Happy Foundation.

The boys end up at a plain Friday night party and, amazingly, Will ends up pulling Charlotte "Big Jugs" Hinchcliffe.

The first series introduces the characters, following private school-educated Will and his attempts to acclimatise to a comprehensive school.

Despite his status as a "briefcase mong" with "clumpy shoes", he befriends Simon, Jay, and Neil.

The episode starts with Will and Simon meeting up and faking to Mr Gilbert they are both ill with food poisoning.