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IF YOU HAVE SENT MONEY OR OTHER ASSISTANCE AND NOW BELIEVE IT WAS FRAUD: Report them immediately to Cherry Blossoms through the "Report This Member" button or send an email to [email protected] the fraud in detail.

Even so, you wouldn't loan or give money to a stranger, so why would you even think about this?

Ask yourself why this person is spending time on a dating site if they are so desperate for food or money.

You are trying to build a loving, trusting relationship with someone; not be their personal banker or guardian.

Someone that asks you to help them financially when you have never met is not looking for the same things you are. Computer, Webcam, Cell phone or Internet Services Needed: This is a request for money for a cell phone, computer, webcam or internet services.

If someone truly is without a home, food, water or looking for loved ones, they would not be spending their time on a website talking to you. These stories are always about a crisis or emergency that has to be dealt with in a hurry.

Whether it is a need for immediate surgery, a child with a brain tumor or a call from someone pretending to be a doctor, don't fall for it!

This can be a very detailed and convincing story, including the name of a hospital or clinic in your area. ALL work visas must be sponsored by an employer PRIOR to the work visa being granted. Nanny Job Story: This story is used mostly on women.

Ladies, if you are contacted by someone offering you a job overseas (usually as a nanny) be very careful!

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