His mother was descended from the Crane plumbing-fixture family. He appeared alongside Simon in the music video "You Can Call Me Al," in which he lip-syncs all of Simon's lines.

Due to that video's remarkable success, Chase was asked to return when Simon released his follow-up album.

The near-death experience caused him to experience a period of deep depression.

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Given the over-share-y subject material, it probably was a bit uncomfortable for her to read, but hey — that's a healthy mother/daughter relationship in a nutshell.

Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher with Chevy Chase in 1980. #debbiereynolds #chevychase pic.twitter.com/y JMyn DLs0g— Star Wars 1977-1983 (@Star Wars7783) January 3, 2015 Did you know Debbie Reynolds has a huge collection of Old Hollywood costumes? Anyway, this picture is particularly special, as it features three generations — it includes the granddaughter of the bunch, Billie Catherine Lourd (who's slated to appear as Flashback Princess Leia in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens). From the clasped hands to the perfect hair, from the big smiles to the even bigger sleeves; this is mother-daughter sweetness distilled into a single photo.

Among the other tall guys to follow were Dan Aykroyd, Dean Edwards, Will Ferrell, Bill Hader, Anthony Michael Hall, David Koechner, Norm Mac Donald, Finesse Mitchell, Bill Murray, Kevin Nealon, Randy Quaid, Rob Riggle, Jason Sudeikis, Charles Rocket, Damon Wayans, and Fred Wolf.

Only Nealon, Quaid and Rocket equaled Chase in height.

As soon as the roast was over, he returned to his hotel room and was so depressed about it, he was sobbing most of the night and had to be consoled by roast master Paul Schäfer.

Chase's roast was noted by fans and critics alike for being particularly mean-spirited, even by the standards of a roast.Did you know that Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds is receiving the SAG Life Achievement Award at Sunday's ceremony?It's awesome and well-deserved — she's been a scene (and heart) stealer in everything from Singin' in the Rain to Will & Grace.The Chase family was affluent and distinguished, and Chevy was listed in Social Register at early age.His paternal grandfather was painter/teacher Frank Swift Chase; his father, Ned Chase, was a prominent Manhattan book editor and magazine writer.He did visit the set at least once, as a picture of him on the temple steps can be seen in Don Shay's book "Making Ghostbusters".