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Junsu is at the center of it all, confused and uncertain until it’s revealed that he isn’t just a werewolf.

He’s something else, something incredibly powerful, and he has to get it under control in order to save the pack and the mate he loves…before the Fae destroy them all.

A series of incidents thought to be unrelated: Yoochun and Boa find themselves in a strange relationship with Jinki and Yoona.

Changmin and Junsu are attacked in their Seoul condo, and Jaejoong starts to have vivid dreams that feel too much like reality. But things change when Junsu decides to continue his degree on prestige university out of Korea whilst Junho decides to continue his degree on local university. They exchange the news of their whereabouts and their conditions almost every day. A fine young man asked Junho for his hand in marriage and Junho didn’t rejects it since both families agree on it.

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Puede que haya maldiciones que transforman a la gente contra su voluntad cuando todas las condiciones se reúnen, sin que nada ni nadie sea capaz de evitarlo. And may I ask how are you going to pay for all that?

""I'll find a way to have a real Christmas for once. I'm not sure how to describe the meaning of this story and since I'm bad at writing summaries I will not even start trying now.

After losing his wife Hyuk jae must raise their little girl--Jae Mi. Lately the Star of Asia has been feeling more lonely than usual, and at the age of 28 when everyone her age is either dating or happily married with kids she is still single. What if the line between work and pleasure gets crossed? Or will he finally have to let go Eunhyuk has just broken up with his girlfriend of 5 months, IU.