In the 30-second TV spot, Borle plays a store clerk who breaks into song and dance when asked about a product.The song, "That's on e Bay" was a parody of the standard "That's Amore".

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He was featured in the 2000 revival of Jesus Christ Superstar, and was the dance captain and understudy of several characters for the short-lived 2002 musical Amour.

Borle appeared in a 2003 advertisement for California-based online auction company, e Bay.

A two-time Tony Award winner for his roles in Peter and the Starcatcher as Black Stache and Something Rotten!

as William Shakespeare, Borle also starred as Tom Levitt on the NBC musical-drama series Smash.

'Cause there have been some pretty nasty things said about Laura in the broadwaysecrets community. But looking at what's known and trying to spin some bullshit about how they're OMGJUSTBESTFRIENDS is truly just ignorant at this point, just as ignorant as taking some random message board blather as gospel truth. Does it really matter if he was cheating on Sutton. If he was I feel bad for Sutton and if you knew Sutton like I did you would stay out of her business.

( A few people on claimed that Christian and Laura are openly dating, but I doubt it and have seen no proof. She is one of the most down to earth people you would ever meet and she doesn't need all of this drama.

I've heard that Sutton is openly dating one of her costars and that there was infidelity on both their parts. lol.)i think they would be tooand even if they did sleep together why is sutton foster necessarily the victimized one? I'm sorry I don't believe anyone was currently discussing that issue.

But again, it's all rumors..definitely had one before they started their broadway run, but he was back in like San Francisco or something and its been like a year, so they could have broken up, idk how serious a relationship it was...i read some of those. has anyone seen the pics of her and that one guy from young frankenstein? There have been no negatives directed toward Sutton Foster.

The Official Livejournal community for the new Broadway musical by Laurence O'Keefe, Nell Benjamin and Heather Hach. Alrighty, so as a lot of you probably know there have been a lot of rumors as of late that Christian Borle cheated on his wife (now ex-wife i do believe) Sutton Foster with Laura Bell Bundy. It's clear that they were, at some point, dating (or at least sleeping together). What do you think Laura Bell means when she says that right now, she is actually getting hit on by people she wants to date. Is that in reference to the song or do you think she and Christian are done. Woodshed Collective's 'Sipping On Schmaltz' 2009 Sping Gala Benefit Held 6/1Woodshed Collective has announced that its 2009 spring gala benefit S. 42 Street will transform into a cruise ship-style cabaret show, and the schmaltz will flow aplenty!