It's a drawl, a little throaty and ashy and he leans in close when he speaks and we're deciding what to make for dinner, which is a strange thing to do with a stranger.

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In his twenties Bradley Cooper was a film student and at night he was a doorman.

He worked the graveyard shift at the Morgans Hotel in New York.

There were votive candles just inside the door that would die every time it opened.

He carried a lot of matches and each time a new guest was welcomed, he would scurry to the candles and relight them all and hurry back to the door and open it. One evening, he ferried Leonardo Di Caprio up to his room and Bradley Cooper thought to himself, We are worlds apart.

It's that awareness that makes Bradley Cooper fearful of his career sticking as it waits to be dressed in something that is not quite ready. Bradley Cooper's career is mostly out of anyone's control, including his own.

He was a billboard man you didn't so much notice, like a girl at the dance on a folding chair in a nice dress, as appealing and forgettable as the rest.

How she made him sound like a douche."Do you eat squid? "Why don't you get a quarter pound of prosciutto, some spinach, and dried currants.

I'll get the squid, and the rest."There is an older woman at the olive bar who stabs her friend with a baguette and then motions with her chin. He makes quick and deliberate decisions in choosing food. Twenty-one interviews and a movie screening at night.

He was plucked from that lineup for Limitless because he was inexpensive.