From the trailer footage it seems like they're going to have Morgana play a full-out villain (unfortunately abandoning any early attempts from season 1 to have her be a complex character instead of a cartoon), but they're also going to involve the knights more?

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The fact that the two are even comparable should be surprising, given Doctor Who's long history and familiarity, and the hype and press surrounding it and its actors, vs.

Merlin's admittedly cheesier and lower-rent origins. In any case, Merlin's ratings aren't really in the range to indicate premature cancellation. I thought she was pretty, but more than that a fairly talented and appealing comic actress.

Merlin series 3 started out in the 6.5 range, but the last 7 episodes of the 13-episode season were all above 6.8 million, steadily rising to a season finale audience of 7.7 million.

So maybe on an overall season basis Doctor Who had slightly stronger ratings, but for the latter halves of the season Merlin definitely finished stronger and above Doctor Who.

He is best known for portraying Arthur Pendragon (previously Prince Arthur) in the television programme Merlin.

Debuting in 2008, his breakthrough role as Arthur Pendragon in Merlin came later that year.I thought the producers said they didn't have a big enough budget to stretch it to 13 episodes and could only do 10. In any event, hopefully this will be its last season. R13, I think from the beginning the producers envisioned it as a 5-series show, and apparently that's how they're planning the story arcs.With its steadily improving ratings (last season had its highest ratings ever, and even beat out Doctor Who), it's probably unlikely that they'll cut things off with the next season.I've never heard anyone say that press attention and living in a fishbowl were particularly healthy for relationships, and the Kardashians of the world don't really counter that notion.R20, he is only a minor actor so it's not as if he's getting that many questions compared to an A-list star.James was born at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in Exeter, Devon in England.