He even called her 'Mom' a few times, but it wasn't long before his real mother came back into his life.

Chloe finally broke up with Philip for good, and turned to Brady.

The two soon realized they were deeply in love, but their future could be threatened by Chloe's leukemia.

In September 2005, it was announced that NBC has passed on renewing Lowder's contract with Days of our Lives. Lowder later went on to become the third adult actor to portray Rick Forrester on the CBS Daytime series The Bold and the Beautiful.

Lowder first aired on the series in 2007, until he was let go from the CBS soap due to lack of story line.

Marlena and Brady were finally able to straighten out their problems.

Marlena apologized for the way she had treated him, and Brady apologized for the way he treated her.He finally returned home in 2000 on a college break and decided not to return to school.It soon became obvious that he resented his father hooking up with Marlena mere months after his mother's death, and also resented Marlena's attitude towards him.He soon involved himself in his grandfather's marriage to Nicole.Almost before he knew it, Brady found himself dreaming about Nicole instead of Chloe.Despite a happy childhood, Brady becomes bitterly resentful toward Marlena, the only mother he has ever known.