Easy -- you have Tim Tebow levels of faith and end every sentence by saying, “wait until next year.” No, we’re not talking about the Yards beer.

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The flames from the spit are dually useful for burning those old Terrell Owens and De Sean Jackson jerseys.

It’s a delicate balance once inside the friendly confines of the Linc -- when do you sit? The ushers do a good job limiting foot traffic in between plays.

Then, you have the amateur chefs -- those that slave over brisket for 48 hours and arrive at the tailgate with a meat-laden buffet.

We’re talking short rib chili, buffalo wings, wild boar ribs, pulled pork, and, yes, a full-on pig roast.

Once in your seat, it is important to practice proper etiquette.

But there's always one guy who leaps up and blocks your view of that Darren Sproles’ punt return for a touchdown.

They are extremely passionate, yet often that passion is (perhaps correctly) construed as psychosis.

Channeling Donovan Mc Nabb’s passive-aggressive behavior and Terrell Owens’ flamboyant attitude, Eagles fans are both frustrated and hopeful.

(Come on, you knew this was coming — it was a bigger lock than Adrian Grenier being available for the new Entourage movie.) Climb into the Excuse Machine with me, would you?

I thought about using these first three excuses before realizing they were total reaches: Excuse No.

For example, we have no sympathy for someone donning a Troy Aikman jersey.