Following Brian's return from Chile, he and Erin continued to go on dates and visit each other about every two weeks while they finished college, moved to their respective jobs, graduate programs, and apartments.

Until recently (August, 2014), Brian and Erin were long distance.

Olaf and Erin went to Luther College) and lived in different cities, they did not meet again or go on their first date for another few months.

Brian and Erin had their first date in June of 2011; they attended the wedding of Erin's friends Hannah and Alex.

I think you’ll be able to see a more diverse side of Brian through the album that will be released soon and the music video.” In June 2011, Joo went on a solo US Tour.

The UNVEILED Tour was held in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

Following the first date, Brian visited Erin in Maple Grove, and she visited him in Des Moines before he left for Valparaiso, Chile for 5 months.

During these 5 months they emailed and skyped often.Most recently, Joo starred (as himself) in the English segment of the mini-series, Homey Korean, presented by Arirang.Joo - along with co-star and real life friend, Chris Pemberton - teach basic Korean language as well as discuss the culture, landmarks, popular tourist sites, and daily life of Korea to English-speaking foreigners.Joo later went on to attend Rutgers University, but only completed a single year.Attending school in the States while simultaneously being a recording artist in Korea became too demanding, and Joo decided to cease his education in the States and go to South Korea.During September 2006, Joo announced that the release of his debut solo album, The Brian.