next to it, meaning most likely "nevermind, I don't like him enough to do anything with him." Wait, this is directed to me, right? I know it's not a cool or popular opinion, but I really have to wonder how someone thinks he has any moral high ground after being ratted out, when he really is guilty of whatever he's been ratted out for.Then he goes and takes it a step FURTHER by posting it on Facebook and THEN he tags everybody in it, just to twist the screw and make sure everybody who can find out, finds out and names names. But he's not innocent, and he's not absolved from breaking the law just because he got ratted on. To go from a rather mild transgression that might have even been undertaken with some concern for the individual's welfare in mind to a grandiose and public slut shaming is transcending many degrees of dickishness. He was doing something illegal in his house, which is also her house.We don't know that she didn't go to him first, although I can't imagine he would have listened.

But it's also possible that she told on him because she thinks it would be funny if he got in trouble. He'd still be guilty, and he'd still deserve punishment, but then, I'd be a lot less sympathetic to her.

However, in no universe would she deserve what she got.

And if she were afraid because her parents imposed some (stupid) rule that they each have to rat on each other or they're in trouble, that wouldn't be dickish either.

If she was concerned for him in some way, she should have gone to him first and expressed that concern, not going straight to the parents that she must have known would have got him in serious trouble.

I've got it hidden somewhere you will never find it, and if you ever do anything I don't like, it goes online." Edit: I think that someone who helps enforce a bad rule is a jerk, even if it's a cop "doing his job".

Maybe the guy with the beer has a drinking problem and his sister was intervening for his own good, but I doubt it, and I think its silly that older high school students can't legally drink beer.A girl who would actually be so crass as to make such a checklist I doubt would cross a guy off of it for merely kissing.eta: Oh, I think I misunderstood that, she crossed off the one guy with a NVM!Now, we can debate the merits of what the sister did, but it's entirely separate and unrelated to what the brother did back. Are cops being a dick when they arrest you for doing something illegal? If she were concerned for his health, safety, or his criminal record, and she told, that wouldn't be dickish.Let's assume just for a second he didn't take any revenge at all, and was just miffed that he got caught with beer. If she were afraid of having this go on in her house and affecting her, that wouldn't be dickish.When I have kids, I plan to do do lots of talking about right and wrong, empathy, and the Golden Rule, as soon as they're old enough to understand.