What we provide is the exact language for specific bruise colors so that a standard definition can be shared between people or departments.Our STD™ Cards eliminate human interpretation in the description of bruise colors.

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The first of these by Langlois and Gresham studied eighty- nine adults and photographs of bruises of known ages were obtained.

The second by Stephenson and Bialas studied twenty-three children having traumatic injuries.

ORC Forensics’ Superficial Trauma Discoloration Cards (Bruise Color Cards) are unique and distinctive tools for investigators.

These handy guides, which were specifically designed for the forensic and medical markets, look similar to a color wheel and associate a number identity to various bruise colors.

There are two card options to choose from, and buying a set gives you one of each.

The two cards offer shades of colors for either light skin tone or for darker skin tones.Also available are our Bruise Color Charts, which are basically larger versions of our STD™ Cards.These charts measure approximately 6 1/8” x 3 7/8” and faithfully come in two versions like the their smaller counterparts, light skin tone and dark skin tone.Specifically, Table 1 gives a very clear cut description of color of bruise versus age of bruise.This table is not unlike that frequently found in pediatric textbooks and in many forensic pathology texts.The fact of the matter is, however, that the use of this table could cause very serious errors in judgment and could potentially lead to miscarriage of justice.