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Your sponsor, and whoever sponsored your sponsor, and whoever sponsored your sponsor's sponsor, and so on, are your upline.

Anyone you sponsor, and anyone who gets sponsored by those you sponsor, becomes your downline. It's not that hard once you get the terminology down.

Just a Little Naughty, founded in 2003, is a party plan company that sells bath & body products, lingerie and leather clothing, and romance enhancing accessories. Hostesses of Just a Little Naughty parties receive 25% of the party's retail sales in merchandise credit, plus additional hostess discounts.

Fantasia Home Parties, in business for over 25 years, sells adult products such as adult toys and spa products at home parties.

You might be familiar with the company that took the world by storm: Amway.

You probably are also familiar with the bum-rap they have gotten over the years, for pushy tactics associated with building MLM downlines.

MLM Women are leading the network marketing industry.

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For a long time, this gave the entire industry a bad name.