All pieces richly embroidered using gold thread & sequins covering the entirety of the Chasuble & Dalmatics.

Ref 6296 - 2,800.00 Cloth of Gold 19th century French with rich gold bullion embroidery throughout the entirety of the Chasuble; Agnus Dei centre-piece on back.

Ref 5568 - 2,450.00 Cloth of gold with rich gold bullion embroidered panels in a floral design over a large cross. 5 pieces, all finished with gold bullion embroidery.

Related Colbie Caillat Sparks Engagement Rumor The couple is said to have exchanged vows in an intimate morning ceremony at a secret location, before few close friends and family members.

Twitter Reactions To Rumored Wedding“They certainly looked like a happy couple” a close friend Tweeted on Saturday (January 28).

5 matching pieces, all with rich gold bullion embroidery. Ref 5441 - 1,880.00 Red velvet with gold bullion embroidered panels edged with wide wavy gold bullion braid. IHS centre-piece surrounded with rays and cross, hung with foliage, flowers and wheat design. Ref 5418 - 1,650.00 Black velvet Belgian style with gold flat embroidery to panels; IHS centre-piece on back. Ref 5570 - 2,995.00 Black silk velvet with panels embroidered in silver and gold bullion work an unusual design.

Ref 6034 - 2,200.00 18th century French floral brocade White Low Mass Set, finished with silver wavy braid outline to orphreys. Ref 6309 - 1,600.00 White satin with coloured silk hand painting throughout, roses and floral work. Ref 3759 - 2,200.00 Green damask 20th century French finished with embroidered orphreys worked with gold bullion & flat work with IHS centre-piece. Ref 5803 - 2,250.00 Green velvet with ornate cloth of silver panels richly embroidered with gold bullion work. Ref 5973 - 1,700.00 Deep green damask with woven gold floral Lyon brocade orphreys. Ref 5999 - 595.00 Green satin with gold bullion and connelli silk embroidered panels. Ref 6037 - 2,800.00 Green damask with rich gold bullion embroidered panels; Victorious Lamb centre-piece. Ref 6038 - 1,450.00 Green/gold brocade with gold floral Lyon brocade orphreys; Pious Pelican centre-piece. Ref 4143 - 3,950.00 Red velvet with rich gold bullion embroidery; Sacred Heart centre-piece; 5 pieces. Ref 5171 - 3,200.00 Red satin with fine silk floral embroidered panels & embroidered edges. Ref 5353 - 4,850.00 Late 18th/early19th century red velvet Low Mass Set with fine gold bullion embroidery. 5 pieces, all finished with silver bullion embroidery and silver bullion braid. Ref 5404 - 2,800.00 Black velvet with rich silver bullion embroidery to the panels & edges. Embroidery contains the Instruments of the Passion. Ref 5782 - 1,850.00 Black velvet French with silver bullion embroidered panels to front & back; IHS centre-piece on back. Ref 5927 - 3,600.00 Black velvet with watered silk effect woven in; thick silver bullion embroidered panels with Sacred Heart centre-piece to back. Ref 6213 - 1,550.00 Early 20th century French black velvet with silver bullion embroidered panels set in silver bullion braid; IHS centre-piece to back. Ref 4772 - 4,500.00 Cloth of gold Latin High Mass Set 19th century French.

Ref 4798 - 1,950.00 Red velvet early 20th century French; finished with gold Connelli, bullion and flat gold embroidery. Ref 5154 - 3,600.00 Red silk velvet late 18th century French with fine gold bullion embroidered panels. Ref 4792 - 1,900.00 Black velvet French early 20th century with gold bullion embroidered panels. 5 pieces, all finished with gold bullion embroidery and gold bullion braid. Ref 5119 - 550.00 Black velvet; panels outlined in silver bullion braids; silver sunburst on back of Chalice & Cross. Ref 5380 - 1,500.00 Black satin finished with fine silver/grey/white silk painting to the panels & edges. Gold bullion embroidery to the Chasuble & Dalmatics; finished with gold bullion braid. Set comprises Chasuble, 2 Dalmatics, 2 Stoles, 3 Maniples, Chalice Veil & Burse.

Ref 3830 - 7,500.00 White silk Latin High Mass Set 19th century French.

Caillat and Young, who also happens to be a musician, are hanging out on a boat where you can just catch a glimpse of her engagement ring (or should we say bling? She also posted a picture on Facebook where she, Young and a pal are standing in the blowing wind. in 2011 that she and Young work perfectly together."We have everything in common.