Amazing conversations, laughs, inside jokes…It all feels so right that it wouldn’t surprise you if you two could spend the rest of your love lives together and stay deeply connected and in love. But the reality is that you don’t know how to tell him the way you’re feeling, or to find out if he really feels the same way.While you know it’s a little soon to start thinking that way, you make up your mind that you’re definitely ready for a committed relationship with him. Although, after all the things he’s said and done with you, and all the time you’ve spent together, you’re pretty sure he feels the same about you. And all you have to show for it is a cold, empty feeling in the pit of your stomach.

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As long as people open to the possibility of something serious, there is no real difference in long-term relationship quality for couples who started out by having sex fast and casually, compared to those who "dated and waited."As Professor Anthony Paik, the study's author, put it: "The research suggests that rewarding relationships are possible for those who delay sex.

But it's also possible for true love to emerge if things start off with a more approach."The problem, as he observes, is that in real life, you can't factor out the people who aren't open to the idea of serious relationships, the way he did when sorting through the surveys he conducted for his study.

under other layers of wiring–such as the desire to do things like provide or reproduce.

With the strong impulses of this other level of wiring, it’s easy for a man to forget about his love wiring.

There are exact steps you can take to turn those feelings of attraction into feelings of intimacy, passion, and long term connection.

And here’s the best part: Few women know how to help a man get in touch with this emotional part of himself, and because of your ability to help him do so, he’ll quickly start experiencing a deep connection with you that he’ll want to keep it alive and growing.

or focusing obsessively on his career until he has enough money to support a family…

you need to remind him of the benefits that a connected, loving relationship brings… Now, this isn’t something you can do just by talking about it.

In the rare case that one does work, the bottom line is that it’s an unnatural and forced way to get what you want. Create in a man the feeling that he’s better off being with you than being single, spending most of his time with his friends, or “sleeping around.”AND…2.