Last year, Sweeney hosted a “Golf Pros, Tennis Hoes” themed-party on TV3’s “Come Dine With Me.” The theme for the party was a clear shot at Mc Ilroy and Wozniacki , who are two of the top golfers and tennis players in the world, respectively.

Caroline Wozniacki is taking shots at ex -fiancé Rory Mc Ilroy .

“In my head I had everything until that moment,” Wozniacki said. I was happy, very happy.“Then all of a sudden something happens that you don’t expect. I’m going to be fine.’“I was trying in the match, but I wasn’t there. They gave the best support ever.”Wozniacki believes her off-court issues were one of the reasons for the upturn in her form last summer.

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Mc Ilroy doesn’t hold anything against Wozniacki, but he does know why dating another top athlete was wrong for him.

“I thought at the time that being with someone that was in a similar position to you was the obvious answer,” Mc Ilroy said of dating Wozniacki.

Wearing a grey tracksuit and with her hair tied back, Wozniacki was a picture of quiet self-assurance as she talked about the last year while sitting in a quiet corner of a media centre, away from the hubbub of tournament play.

Without glossing over her pain, she explained calmly and candidly how she had picked up the pieces of her life after Mc Ilroy’s bombshell.

And if I meet another guy who I think is great, then I also know what I can expect from myself and from him.”In the days and weeks that followed the breaking off of her engagement, Wozniacki found the value of family and true friends. I can’t just sit here and cry all day’.”Wozniacki lost in the first round at Roland Garros to Yanina Wickmayer, the world No 64. “I think it was great for me to have something else to think about.

Her father, Piotr, whose coaching of his daughter has drawn so much unfair criticism over the years, suggested she might want to skip her next tournament, the French Open.“I had already had some injury problems with my knee and my wrist,” Wozniacki said. “When I walked into the stadium or on to the court everybody was staring at me,” Wozniacki recalled. The wedding was supposed to be in November and I was like: ‘Instead of just sitting around, I’m going to make great things happen. November was amazing and I had the best time of my life.

Some, such as Nick Faldo, felt Mc Ilroy wasn’t focused enough on golf and practicing and was being distracted.

Now Mc Ilroy doesn’t have to worry about flying halfway across the world to be with his love, which means his support system is much better and helpful towards his career.

She ran the New York Marathon at the end of last year and recently made a telling statement about her self-confidence when she posed for Sports Illustrated’s celebrated swimsuit edition. And in the back of my head I knew that I had to do a press conference. I’d never seen so many people [in the interview room] at the French Open.