These may be invaluable if part of the barriers to closeness you are experiencing relate to parenting problems.Third, review together how you might like to reconnect.Like taking on tasks a partner may not want to do or sharing household chores.

Which may appeal but may not be feasible if you don’t have money or readily available childcare.

And can add more pressure to an already stressful life. You say ‘when we have time together we just want to sleep’.

The five main ways people can give/receive affection are: Quality Time – where you give each other 'undivided attention’ to talk, listen, eat together or enjoy a shared activity.

With a young family you may have to grab small amounts of time together while you can, or you may prefer to schedule uninterrupted time when the kids are asleep.

My husband and I get along really well, but recently we’ve felt we’re not really connecting like before.

We don’t have family to support us and are on limited means.

Meg Barker expands on this in her blog post about different ways we can communicate.

Acts of Service – this sounds very formal but simply means doing kind things for each other.

I’d like to be able to feel closer but we’re both so busy I’m not sure where to start. Being busy, especially if you have a young family, means it’s inevitable you will feel distracted and disconnected.