Anywho, Sommore the raunchy comedian, and Long, the gorgeous actress, share the same father.

Sommore has stated in past interviews that the two are pretty close and try to hook up for holidays., their many adorable movies as teenagers, and as adults, stacking that bread together as fashion designers.

Who needs to inherit money when your parents give you lips that’ll make you plenty?

Either way, the crooner’s mouth has become its own entity, for it’s impossible to hear her melancholic tunes without picturing the puffy spout from which they came.

Because her plump mouth comes paired with a raspy bedroom voice, Scar Jo’s lip hype predates her actual celebrity.

But at the core of it, there’s a reason she was picked to play an ageless face in “Girl With a Pearl Earring.” With lips so sumptuous they deserve an offshore bank account, it’s no wonder the model has parlayed her most coveted body part into a Victoria’s Secret contract, a starring role in a blockbuster movie and no fewer than six free Givenchy bags.

In the modeling world, which is full of flawless, full-lipped faces, any mention of mouths instantly evokes Lindsey Wixson.

The witty, Bronx-born stunner has worked her pout from a supporting bit in “Save the Last Dance” to headlining one of TV’s most popular shows, “Scandal,” from which her lip quiver has become a star in its own right.

When Del Rey first entered the scene, the music was second to incessant rumors that her big ol’ lips are fake.

When Da Brat was in jail, Lisa Raye kept people up-to-date on how she was holding up and Da Brat has been pretty vocal about how close the two really are.

You’ve seen his face, but you rarely see these two together.

He was a member along with brother Donnie, Danny, Jordan and Jonathan Knight, but he eventually quit and Joey Mc Intyre took his spot., though he’s been on-screen in movies and on television since the mid-80s.

Kevin is the younger brother of the two, but he told the Huffington Post that he did feel like he was in his brother’s shadow for a long time: “I was called Matt Dillon’s brother my whole career basically until “Entourage” broke me free of that and now people call me Johnny Drama instead.

Eric struggled with drug abuse for many years, and was recently on the show (Chris, to the left) is the older brother of actor Liam Hemsworth, also known as the fiance of Miley Cyrus who we barely see like that anymore.