Moreover, you also need not worry if the information received is genuine.

There are some agencies whose website even accepts any complaints against the number to be searched.

What would you do if an unknown caller phones you many times and irritates you, or if you find a long-lost cell phone number in your drawer?

This is because mobile phone numbers are not listed in phone books in order to keep the identities secret.

Just imagine if our personal mobile phone details were included in public databases, how many times telemarketers would call you in a single day.

You would also be granted unlimited amount of searches with the package.

By availing these services, you can certainly find the information you want in mere seconds.

Charges of Reverse Cell Phone Lookup You can do a free cell phone number lookup on various Internet search engines.

Generally, this method is not a reliable one, and requires the search engines to crawl and fetch the identity of the person if he has his details posted in websites or public databases.

This means a woman will rarely give out a fake number anymore.

If she does she risks embarrassing herself when the guy calls or texts her 5 minutes later.

However, access to such confidential databases does not come free of charge, as cell phone service providers substantially charge external agencies who purchase the access.

Generally, you may be required to pay a nominal annual charge for availing the services.

If you are receiving blank calls from a particular cell number or want to know the identity of the person who owns the number, you take aid of the web and get all required information.