Those friends in relationships who are always preaching, “It just kind of happens,” and “you’ll know when the timing’s right,” might be annoying — but they’re also kind of right.“My friend, Adam, and I had been casually hooking up for awhile,” says Jennifer, 27.“It shows I definitely don’t think of her as just a hookup.” Tell him you want more. But wouldn’t you feel better knowing exactly how he feels about you rather than waiting around for “the next move” that he may — or may not — make? Once you’ve opened up about how you feel, it’s his turn to make the next move.

“One day she told me if I was serious about liking her, I would have to text her during the day and when I was sober.

I started texting her every day.” And schedule more day dates.

Getting along with each other’s friends shows you have a deeper level of compatibility.

“Whenever I introduce a girl to my friends, it means I think she’s cool enough to meet the people who are important to me,” says Caleb, 30.

It’ll give you a chance to see each other in a new light. This will establish that you have the groundwork for a real relationship—not just a physical one. “Don’t feel like you need to conform to stereotypes and act as if you like to drink whiskey, watch sports, and talk about cars—I’ve had a girl do that before and it’s awkward,” says Aaron, 28.

“You’ll get closer by finding things you both genuinely like to do.” Introduce him to your friends.

The texting rule above applies to hanging out IRL too.

So, if you’re only meeting up during bar hours, make plans during the other 9 to 5. Go bowling or take a walk through the park—whatever you do, it should be an activity that doesn’t end in, well, you know.

"You secretly find yourself wishing that they would break up." You might even go as far as negatively impacting their relationship.