After landing her first speaking role, in 1996’s Theron found herself on billboards towering over Sunset Boulevard in white lingerie.Wary of being pigeonholed, she passed on babe part after babe part.And Taylor [Hackford, the director] just wasn’t convinced.

“It took a moment for me to process: Wait, Charlize Theron is talking to me right now?

” A year later, she threw her producing weight behind The film’s director, George Miller, says he thought he was there to pitch her on the part. Playing Furiosa was a huge leap of faith for Theron.

“When they first meet each other, they’re trying to kill each other.

As the two characters come together out of necessity and rather reluctantly, they have to find a degree of trust.

“It makes you realize that the circumstances of your formative years, it leaves a real scar—it marks you.

It’s the one thing that gets me really angry, really emotional.

My feeling would have still been, If we’re going to do it again, shouldn’t we start on equal footing? Everything she gets, she’s earned,” says Blunt, who found that Theron’s direct approach carried over to her performance. She doesn’t baby you—she treats you like a grown-up. “I remember Jax watched Charlize do a take, a scene where she had to be a real bitch,” Blunt recalls, “and he said, ‘Mumma spicy.’ I love that. The intense shoot, which requires her to be on set by 5 a.m.

Because, trust me, we weren’t on equal footing there.” WHITE HEAT | ‘Charlize is the most self-possessed person,’ says Emily Blunt, Theron’s co-star in ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War.’ ‘She treats you like a grown-up.’ Atea Oceanie sweatshirt, 2,, Gap briefs, .50, declined to comment), but Theron’s assertiveness made an impression on her cast mates. And after the take, she tells you the dirtiest of dirty jokes.” Theron and Blunt immediately took to their roles as wicked sisters and likewise bonded with Jessica Chastain, who plays a warrior fighting alongside Hemsworth. most days, has meant adjusting to the needs of her two young children, whom she is intent on tucking in every night.

And not only does she climb the long, golden sash at superhuman speeds (without ever seeming to tire, we might add), she also decides approximately halfway up that her pretty necklace is too heavy or something.