That is, if you figure out how to keep your would-be sweetheart interested.

Anyone who has played a dating sim before will be familiar with the game mechanics. This can be used for activities such as talking to potential love interests and improving your guitar skills.

We say go for it, live like a rock star with Sistehcap and get to know Emerson, Cody, Zane, Devin and Ace in Idol Days Sim Date.

There's a music studio, a cafe, a cinema and more interesting area.

Each one has its own activities and stat boosts to offer.

So you can talk with the heartthrob of your choice, earn money through part-time jobs and even read a book in this game but what dating sim is complete without actual dates?

Idol Days Sim Date allows you to experience some romance by allowing you to go on activities with your guy.

Aside from treating them to coffee and buying their favorite things, you'll need to engage them in conversation.

Talking consists of picking from a couple of set responses.

They're already built-in, allowing you to get more HP or money, get more relationship points and fast forward to the concert. The cheat codes are pretty easy to find using Google.

While the accessible game play is good for players of all ages, the graphics may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Depending on the activities you chose to do, you'll be given a chance to pick from all the guys you've built a relationship with.