"I don't know if it's laughter of shyness or embarrassment because the makeup artist and everyone was listening to her say these things, and I'm like, 'That's private girl!'"However, the gospel music singer clarified her statements on CBS' The Insider, insisting that she enjoys Beyonce's music."What I meant was I would never say that [I was embarrassed] about my sister's work.

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Michelle Williams opened up to Us Weekly on Monday, May 9, about reuniting with her Destiny's Child sisters Beyonce and Kelly Rowland for the featured track "Say Yes" on her upcoming solo album,premiere in Hollywood, Williams elaborated: "We always let each other listen to our music in advance.

They heard ' Say Yes' and were like, ' Right now is the time for Destiny's Child to make a single.'" The process was surprisingly simple, in fact. PHOTOS: Destiny's Child performs at the 2013 Super Bowl!

And the only thing faster than Williams’s mouth was his mind.

After his death, two years ago today, The New York Times described him like this: Onstage he was known for ricochet riffs on politics, social issues and cultural matters both high and low; tales of drug and alcohol abuse; lewd commentaries on relations between the sexes; and lightning-like improvisations on anything an audience member might toss at him. Keller’s achievements and indomitable spirit helped alter public perceptions of disabled people, showing them as overcoming obstacles rather than as inviting only pity. Keller with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, honoring her as a model of courage and determination.

She has a great body of work, an amazing catalogue …

I love her work," Williams told The Insider."Could you imagine your little sister or someone finally deciding, 'I am going to be free and liberated in every way I know how musically, which means I'm going to be a little more sexier.

there’s something spiritual about it."The only slight change since their days as Destiny's Child, said Williams, have been "growth" and "confidence." Indeed, in the last decade, Williams has tested her acting chops and starred on Broadway in productions like .

Journey to Freedom will be her fourth solo studio album. The trio's other two members Rowland and Beyonce have found their own individual successes, too: Rowland, 33, served as an judge and released her fourth studio album last June.

Williams was last romanced by producer/songwriter Justin Wooten, while Simmons, 37, was previously engaged to American news presenter and television personality Lauren Sanchez.