He has created 2 seasons so far, a 2012 season, and a 2013 season, He is unsure if the series will return at all. 2012 was a very quiet season, and so very few tornadoes were seen.The best tornado they shot was a massive tornado in South Dakota on June 22, 2012,with monster hail, they were not in the Dominator at the time, which ended up seeing their SUV's windows shattered by the large hail. Reed and his team also attended a science fair that year.He also narrates Local On The 8s (excluding national version).

Timmer became interested in the weather at a young age, after experiencing a severe thunderstorm that reportedly dropped golfball-sized hail in his yard.

After graduating from Forest Hills Central High School in Grand Rapids, MI, in 1998, he began studying meteorology at the University of Oklahoma (OU).

Reed Timmer and Chris Chittick suffered lacerations to the face from flying glass.

Reed has created several chase vehicles which come at a large cost, stating that they cost upwards of 100,000 dollars.

and subsequently the TV series Tornado Chasers following the cancellation of the Discovery Channel show.

He was featured in an interview on a bonus feature for the "Into The Storm" Blu-ray.He has reported from events such as the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, the "Winter X Games," PGA tournaments, NFL games, and more. Johnson Award in 2002 for his innovative use of environmental satellite technology.Jim is a member of both the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society. Aside from live reporting for TWC, Cantore also serves as the narrator on the TWC series Storm Stories.Cantore noticed the charge, and kneed Marcelli in the groin. Cantore never broke his train of thought nor appeared frazzled during the incident.A recording of the shot has gained upwards of two million views on You Tube.Though he is best known for his live field coverage of major weather events (such as Hurricanes Ike, Gustav, Katrina, Isabel, Rita, Andrew, Floyd, Mitch, Bonnie, Irene, Sandy and now Matthew), his contributions span well beyond severe weather field reporting.