Nice article on Papelbon in the Hattiesburg (Mississippi) American…..where we find out that his dog ate the ball from the final out in the Red Sox ’07 World Series win.

That picture is what happened at the Cheerleader Finals on Sunday when they announced “Number 3, Sydney” as one of the last rookies to make the 2011 Redskins Cheerleader squad: Sydney went airborne on her way to her spot on the stage.

You would be very safe assuming that Sydney was pretty happy about the announcement, and I’m sure that her boyfriend Nate was happy as well.

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2008 was a banner year for cheerleading scandals, but this one stands out amid the pack.

Six Florida girls, most cheerleaders, age 14-17, beat a girl for thirty minutes (!

), giving her a concussion and sending her to the hospital while two boys stood lookout.

The victim was left with impaired hearing and sight from the beating.

The glamor of cheerleading only adds to the notoriety and salaciousness of these stories.

While a wealth exist to choose from, we at TPS have 9 of the best for your reading and viewing pleasure. On the scale of scandals, this one isn’t exactly Watergate-level, but the happy ending makes it noteworthy.

While this isn’t Kobe Bryant’s biggest sex scandal, it’s definitely the biggest one the Laker Girls have seen in a while.

It turns out Kobe hadn’t learned his lesson from Vail, as Vanessa was ultimately dismissed from the team amid allegations of an affair between her and Black Mamba.

“The judges have a hard decision to make,” Nate said.

“They’ve got a tough job too.” I wasn’t able to catch up with Nate after the judges made their tough decision, but I have to imagine that he looked almost almost as relieved and happy as Sydney does in the picture below as she takes her place in line with the rest of the cheerleaders.

I spoke to Nate when he was a nervous wreck during the judges’ deliberations, and he gave me the boyfriend’s perspective on dating someone who is about to either become a Redskins cheerleader — or just narrowly miss, for the second straight year.“I’m nervous,” Nate said, standing in the lobby of the State Theater while stage music blared and the judges planned his girlfriend’s immediate future. I’ve said my prayers and stuff like that, so I’m just doing what I can.” There was more that Nate could do in the run-up to the event. “Pretty much just supporting her, like her mom and dad and entire family do.