Chris Evans and Chris Pratt fulfilled the second half of their amazing joint Super Bowl bet promise on Saturday, visiting with patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

here are black helicopters buzzing over Hollywood Boulevard. Thousands of civilians are amassed on the sidewalk.

The beauty shinned even brighter thanks to wore Tiffany & Co.

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"He's extremely easygoing, he loves to hang out, he loves to be around people.

But whenever we do a premiere, or he has to be in the fray in some work-related context, he's terrified." Downey told something similar to Jimmy Kimmel the night after the premiere: "Chris Evans is such a nervous Nellie," he said.

Ryan Wilcox, 18, of San Diego, is a huge Captain America fan and when Gwyneth Paltrow heard of his dream to meet the movie's stars, she posted on Instagram she was willing to drive Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans down to meet the high school student. surprised Avengers and Captain America fan Ryan Wilcox, 18, who is battling cancer for the second time.

They traveled with Gwyneth Paltrow to the teen's San Diego home on Monday In the original Instagram posting, Ryan's friends had reached out to the film stars, explaining: 'What we want for Ryan if possible is to meet the actors and actresses of the Avengers, especially Chris Evans who plays Captain America.

If this were a comic- book movie, now would be the time when the sky opens up and the alien mothership comes swooping in, space guns blazing.

But because it's just the premiere of a comic-book movie – Marvel's opening this month – all the hubbub merely presages the arrival of the man of the hour, the leader of the Avengers, Cap himself: 34-year-old Chris Evans, flashing an action figure smile as he steps out of a blue Audi sports car and onto the red carpet.

and the product placement apparently extends to the premiere, where he and his co-star/antagonist in the film, Robert Downey Jr., have been asked to arrive in matching Audi R8s – red for Downey's Iron Man, blue for Evans' Cap.

Up until then, Evans was having a stress-free evening, pre-partying at his home in the Hollywood Hills with his mom and brother and some buddies from back home in Boston, getting loose before his big night.

"You're in the SUV with your family, your people.