They were briefly signed up to Columbia, for which they made their first record, Keep a-Lovin’ Me, which was released in February 1956 but made little impact.It was when The Everly Brothers were taken up by the Cadence record label that their careers began to take off.

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In 1957 they recorded Felice and Boudleaux Bryant’s Bye Bye Love, on which Phil and Don played guitars alongside Chet Atkins and the Nashville session musician Ray Edenton.

The song was an immediate hit, and established the brothers as the first successful pop act to come out of Nashville.

The Everlys sprang from the traditional country music with which they had grown up, but in the late 1950s they took up the themes of teenage love and disappointment that became the staple diet of the emerging pop stars of the period.

They never fully embraced rock and roll, but their breezy harmonies influenced many of the stars who followed them, including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Byrds — groups whose popularity started to take off as that of the Everlys waned.

Everyone has the feeling that all you have to do is to achieve stardom and once you are there you can relax. Once you get there, then the war really starts [and] the larger the odds are against you.

We always had that feeling, will the next song be a success?

He was almost exactly two years younger than his brother Don, but the boys’ parents brought them up as though they were twins.

They shared birthday parties, and were dressed in the same clothes — Don was not allowed to have a sports jacket until Phil was old enough to have one too.

As they were overtaken by new musical fashions from the early 1960s onwards, The Everly Brothers continued to perform and record until 1973, when their relationship fractured publicly during a concert in California.

Phillip Everly was born in Chicago on January 19 1939, the son of Ike and Margaret Everly, who had a popular country singing act in the 1940s.

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