We’re called to strengthen those who are weak and to and encourage those who are down and out.

As a Professional Counselor and Author, it’s a topic that I’m passionate about and one that I feel led to write about, speak about, and even just think about.

But sometimes I wonder if our Christian culture at large tends to get fixated on romantic relationships, without remembering the other important relationships that God calls us into. The concept of Christian community is such an important part of love, because it’s within the context of relationships that we have the opportunity to express and receive love.

It’s important to learn to be real with one another, because that’s what true community is all about. Community reveals your gifts and talents (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).

Two are better than one, because there is double the strength, double the stamina, and double the talents.

God is so creative, in that He gave us a body of believers as a way to experience the give-and-take of love, no matter what our “romantic” relationship-status.

Here are some reasons why it’s really important to be in relationship with other believers: SEE ALSO: Community and Confession 1.

We get to feel what Jesus felt as he suffered wounds at the hands of the people he loved, and then loved them anyway.

This is the hardest part about community, but it’s the part that makes us most like him.

We’re part of something really special (1 Corinthians ).