Pick from multiple built-in skins, download more from the Internet, or make your own! If you want to go to the parent folder you have to use the breadcrumbs bar.

Choose from 2 built-in styles or download new buttons from the Internet: Classic Explorer is a plugin for Windows Explorer that: Windows Explorer in modern versions of Windows doesn’t have a toolbar like the one in Windows XP.

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The Classic Explorer plugin brings back the simpler dialog box from Windows XP: It is immediately clear what is clickable , there is easy keyboard navigation (press Y for “Yes”, A to copy all files) and you can still see which file is newer and which is larger.

And of course just like in Windows XP, holding down Shift while clicking on the No button means "No to All" (or just press Shift N). The underlying system that does the actual copying is not affected.

To solve the problem, the Classic Explorer plugin detects when you press Alt Enter and shows the properties for the currently selected folder.

In the latest versions of Windows the status bar in Explorer doesn't show the free disk space and the size of the selected files.

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If you want to copy or delete a file with the mouse you have to right-click and look for the Delete command.

The right-click menu gets bigger and bigger the more shell extensions you have installed, and finding the right command can take a while.

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