We’ll be able to, you know, promote them on the site. Then during that time, you know, College Humor, you know, also continued to grow. Our former partner, Jakob Lodwick, came up with the idea for

The transcript for minute 5 till minute 10 is BELOW this line. I wish I– I would’ve been able to give that kind of introduction.

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And we were, at the time, doing a lot of, like, affiliate program kind of thing with Tshirt Pal was one of our biggest sponsors at the time.

So, so we thoug ht, why don’t we make our own t-shirts and we’ll be able to make more money. And for a while we thought, you know, we’re in the t-shirt business, you know, forget about this College Humor business, ’cause the t-shirt business just grew so quickly.

Basically, picutres of themselves goofing around and then others added more pictures to the website as they subbmitted them. : Yeah, well, that’s, yeah, that’s, you know, the past ten years. The idea for College Humor came, my, my best friend growing up, Ricky Van Veen and I were, you know, looking to start a web business.

And before long they built that they sold 51% of to Inter Active Corp. My brother at the time was one of the first guys at

You know, the frog in the blender guy, and he telling me they were making $20,000 a month.

Which as an 18 year old, that’s like the craziest amount of money you could even imagine.

So you’re saying is that the original idea for the site was to bring in revenue from advertising and you used humor as a way to get the traffic over to your site that you were then gonna monetize through advertising.

: I was gonna say, you know, that the reason that we kind of stuck with humor was we were taking kind of funny pictures and videos of our friends freshman year of high– of college, rather, and realized that it was pretty easy to get people to look at something funny.

First, I recently got an email from James Lindstorm, Lindstrom. James wanted to know if I had a few minutes for a phone call with him and that gave me an idea for something I can do with my new phone number. If you wanna have a conversation with me about your business, about just about, actually not just about anything. If you wanna have a conversation about something that’s going on in your business. Second note I wanna make is I’ve got a new sponsor which is Shopify.

So, Grasshopper gave me a phone number with extensions and all kinds of different cool features like no matter where I am in the world I can get calls. makes it insanely easy to create an online store and you’re gonna hear in this interview how an entrepreneur created an online t-shirt store and how big a business it turned out to him, to be for him. Alright, so, there are my notes, there are my sponsors.

,000, I remember, was the number that stayed in my head as, you know, you can conceivably make this much money every month and that was just so incredible to me at the time.