Oberst, now back on stage, wouldn’t let Har Mar leave without a rather lengthy kiss. Jenny Lewis has always been on her game, and she shows no signs whatsoever of slowing down. It was a culmination and a celebration of not only the 10th anniversary of The crowd: Lots of couples, and perhaps oddly a good number of solo men all about my age -- which I will thank you for not asking!Overheard in the crowd: [Angrily] “What the hell is NAF?!

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And then we became like, yeah, fast friends JENNY: Was that the first time? Just like a shirt, no pants CONOR: That was my old style though JENNY: I was like, I like this guy CONOR: It was the 60's you know?

CONOR: Fast, furious friends JENNY: Or did we meet in a basement? Things-- times were different JENNY: It was great CONOR: I don't know who's supposed to be interviewing who? As long as they're not math questions JENNY: OK CONOR: I'm fine JENNY: Do you remember that uh, project we were working on a decade ago called "Blood On The 4-Tracks"?

Rilo Kiley’s “I Never” was dedicated to Oberst, and then Jenny introduced "Door," from her latest band, the new-wavey supergroup Nice as Fuck with Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Forster and the Like’s Tennessee Thomas. NAF, which stands for ..." The crowd enthusiastically replied, "NICE AS FUCK!

" To which Lewis responded, "Or Nice and Friendly, for the kids." “Door” was rocked-up, and our own Har Mar Superstar made an appearance for a 20-second, more spastic version of the same song. folk-rock sisters the Staves made a cameo during ’s "She’s Not Me," during which the Twins made cheeky references toward each other as they sang the chorus.

You've never asked for me to come in and sing CONOR: Jenny used to have a really um, very cute, but kinda run-down um, apartment in Silver Lake.

Uh, this was kinda before it was as happening as it is these days.

When she sang "I’d rather be lonely," on the song "Happy," you believed it.

The stark vocals bounced around the State as the band filled in the blanks, sounding like the soundtrack to an autumn prairie.

happen, and how, “When [she] started singing with the Twins, it just clicked.” "It feels good to play that album from start to finish," she said.

"It feels right." There was a new song, "Red Bull and Hennessy" ("So nasty," Lewis said), but it was ’s “See Fernando” that got the crowd jumping the most. Adding to the fun, Lewis and the Twins did a pitch-perfect, a cappella version of the Shirelle’s “I Met Him on a Sunday” -- complete with a complex hand-clap, finger-snap rhythm.

Following a brief hospitalization for exhaustion and anxiety late last year, the frequent Lewis collaborator sounded strong as he made the big stage an intimate space, confessing tales of bad news, chemicals, and spiritual disillusionment.