To join two or more pdf files together using Preview:1 Open the pdf file in preview.2. Drag a second pdf ON TOP OF an existing page thumbnail.

PDFs often need to be dynamic documents as groups collaborate throughout a project.

For example, many PDF users need to assemble documents by merging, inserting, rearranging, renumbering PDF pages or creating a table of contents.

(Although we are allowed to use their own global VPN and cloud).

Uploading documents which might be confidential does not sound like a good ID (and is prohibited by my company).

The concept is the same but the step by step pictures will look slightly different.

Please click on the version of OSX that you have to find out how to merge a pdf file: How to merge PDF files in Mountain Lion 10.8 (2012)How to merge PDF files in Mavericks 10.9 (2013)How to merge PDF files in Yosemite (10.10) (2014)How to merge PDF files in El Capitan (10.11) (2015)For all versions of OS X prior to Mountain Lion (10.7 and earlier) just follow the instructions below.

I had in the past a version which could combine 2 files without uploading and downloading sensitive information.

Is Version 10.1 still able to do the trick (i now use 11.0). (BTW this is standard available on a Mac in the app preview) Hi Joe De Sutter, If you create a button and use the Go to View or Open Page command, the links will remain relative so long as you don’t change the folder structure.

Thanks, Lori I have 200 PDFs linked together in 2 folders on a CD for distribution.

Nine files are in a “Chapters” folder; the rest are in a “Background Notes” folder.

Uploading them to any company but particularly a US company is highly problematic for us.