Elbridge Village Mayor Hank Doerr's petition for a vote to dissolve the town of Elbridge brings the statewide issue of consolidating government home to Central New York.Combined, the town of Elbridge and the villages of Elbridge and Jordan have six clerks, three highway department supervisors, three lawyers, two fire departments and 15 members of town and village boards.

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Doerr is right to question how long the 700 residents of his village can continue paying to support a town and a village government.

He wants the town board to allow residents to vote on dissolving a layer of government. People across the state are questioning the need for so many layers of government.

Ashland, population 20,362, is the county seat of Ashland County.

It has its own police and fire departments, although Ashland County’s sheriff’s department dispatches for them.

If the emotional side is hampering municipal employees when the taxpayers say "reduce and consolidate" then they need to remember who they ultimately report to - the taxpayers.

Onondaga County has 19 towns, 15 villages, a city, a county, 18 school districts, 16 police departments and 55 fire departments.

That's a lot of government to pack into a town of 5,900.

The village and town halls are located within four miles of each other.

Elbridge's village mayor is passing around a petition calling for a voter referendum on dissolving the town of Elbridge.

Governments across New York are searching for way s to become more efficient or consolidate.

In the above scenario, these entities will collectively pay approximately 1,000.