He scored his first goal on 22 January 2016 in a home match against Sinaloa. After a year long loan to Queretaro he made his return on January 7 2017 as a sub against Pumas UNAM in a 2-1 victory.Fierro's older brother Gustavo Iván Fierro Guerrero was diagnosed with cancer in late 2008, Gustavo fought the war against cancer for nearly 4 years.In April of that year, Field sold the Chicago station for 0 million dollars to.

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He had one older brother, Gustavo Iván Fierro Guerrero who died in 2011 due to cancer.

Fierro's brother Gustavo had left to Jalisco in 2007 to try his luck with C. Guadalajara, so in 2008, Fierro followed his footsteps to try to make it in Mexico's most beloved club.

Initially, both ABC and CBS planned to broadcast only a fraction of their schedules in color: ABC six and a half. In April, 2004, the WZZD call letters were changed to WNTP with the. Renamed WPVI in 1971 when Triangle Publishing (Philadelphia Inquirer) sold the WFIL.

Channel 48 originated as WKBS (Kaiser Broadcasting), first airing on 9/1/65. By April 1975, WKBF was shut down and its programming was merged into. An effective presentation is a blend of agenda, materials and techniques; in other words, a performance. Turner Gas Company’s historical footprint and expertise focuses on Propane (LPG).

WKBS was licensed to Burlington NJ, part of the Philadelphia ADI; On September 1, 1965 Kaiser Broadcasting signed on WKBS on channel 48 (it was originally . A rare clip from Philadelphia's long- defunct and much-missed independent UHF station, which was on the air from . This week we're in Philadelphia, all set to have a good time.

We're halfway through the first month of the year, and as you'll see, some of the new season's hopefuls are already dropping off the schedule. On April 27, 1971, shortly after the sale was approved and Capital Cities took control of.

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WKBS-TV, UHF analog channel 48, was an independent television station licensed to.

The tournament in which he managed to accumulate the most minutes was in the Clausura 2014, totaling 1,286 minutes with 16 caps.