We left the Spanish circus together after a month and joined Italy's famous Circo Moira Orfei, where I became an ostrich-riding, shark-taming showgirl.

She told me that she and her sister were running in a half-marathon back in Virginia Beach.

Knowing I myself was headed back to Buffalo for a wedding, I asked her when she was leaving.

Some people meet online, others through friends, some at work, and a handful during college or at a bar.

But then there is an entirely different group of people that you're maybe just a little bit jealous of.

Then a different kind of guy approached me β€” he seemed nice and he wasn't slurring his words so I thought he would be a perfect buffer! ” "I was a reporter working a story and Rudi was a cop. That was 26 years ago and we just published a historical novel - Stumbling Stone - based on our true story.

Time goes one, he asked for my number, I gave him my real one (gasp! I had seen him from afar for years and didn't want anything to do with him. Because I was born in 1944 in the Bronx, NY to Jewish immigrant parents and was taught to have nothing to do with Germans and Germany. Rudi says the writing of the book, which took two decades, was a team-building exercise.” β€œIt was in Spain, 1988.

When Erin sat next to me on the plane before Lindsay boarded, she gave her a dirty look on her way to a seat a few rows behind us.

Lindsay also had no interest in coming to our barbecue thinking it would be weird, but Erin talked her into it.

While not everyone has the meet-cute that we all see in movies and it's certainly not required to have a lasting relationship, we all need those special reminders that magical things still happen... These stories of couples who crossed paths many times before they met, were opposites from the start, who were called up in front of a stage of a bazillion people are enough to make you grin.