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” when I reminded her I was the editor of a teen mag she appeared in frequently.

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Later there was a whole conference, "Medicine Meets Virtual Reality" (MMVR) which started in 1994, and showcased work just like this, but at the time Warner and Tice and their collaborators were the only ones doing it. Scrivener, I recently came across your "Curriculum for Cybernetics and Systems Theory", which I enjoyed immensely because it had reams of narrative woven into it, which is how I like to take my information best (high intuition, low rigor).

I have been reading books on information and control in systems for about 5 years now.

(It's been seven years since I got an email with this comment: and now the links are broken! But I drifted away after a misleading article in Playboy Magazine claimed it was some kind of wild and crazy dating site, which brought in a flood of cluless and disruptive newbies.

) Back in the early nineties I used to have some great on-line discussions about Virtual Reality (VR), memory palaces, dead media, and a lot of other cool stuff on the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (the WELL), with the likes of cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling, social commentator Howard Rheingold, and techno-counter-culturist R. So I sat up and took notice when I read that Facebook was rolling out a new "Comments" widget that allows any web site to use Facebook credentials in a comments box.

I work in healthcare and started the Complex Adaptive Systems thing when I was studying management in Graduate School at Antioch University in Keene NH.

I started a website some years ago to sort of put my ideas in front of myself, and others, and am kind of surprised that the cybernetics/systems presence on the internet isn't very 'emergent'; i.e. Not much of Gordon Pask's "Conversation", in which there is a mutual learning going on.

For example, Gordon Plutsky's "Facebook Comments — Does It Make Sense for Your Site?

" makes the observation: "Reduces nasty comments ...

She was spot-on, though it was ironic that she was reading the mainstreaming of drag while promoting the show that has at once elevated and somewhat sanitized the form.