There is an attorney by the Name of Celestine Ugbekile of Celestine & Celestine I don't know if he is who he says he is.I don't know if there is a bank named Central Bank of Nigeria.

He has a man from "Trustee International" which is supposed to be a private security company handling this account of his late father and that is why he couldn't have it until he is 30 and he is only 26 and that is where I come in.

This "Security International" representative has assured me that they are recognized by the UN, etc., and are kept confidential so they can handle these matters without attention from outside world. XXXXXXXX and received an email scam from LOME-TOGO. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I am very happy that the payment has been approved in your name and all documents is in place to effect this payment without any further delay.

they said an offshore bank would be in touch with me within the next couple of days, i do not have any money to give them, i am on benefits and a single mum with three children, so why have they picked on me, i have been phoning africa nearly every day, which will be a fortune on my phone bill when it comes, why do these people do this, i feel as if my life has been destroyed, even though i didn't hand any money over, i had made so many plans for me and my children.

why are these people so cruel, i am so glad that i read your scam page.

Please, DO NOT fall for these get rich quick schemes.

Ask yourself: does it sound reasonable that a third-world citizen would possess all these millions, and out of all the people in the World they picked YOU off the Internet to enrich?

Now I am to come up with funds covering Fees and Taxes that have collected over the years. He has 18 million dollars which he has sent authentic looking documents transferring it to my name and states that once we are here I am entitled to 20% of this for helping him and his sister come here.

They talk with me on the phone and sound so sincere.

Oftentimes they want you to open up a bank account in countries like Holland, London, Canada or Amsterdam with various scenarios on how they will separate you from your money.

There are many versions of how they will get you to pay advanced fees.

The Secret Service calls these scams the "419 Advanced Fee Schemes" after the Nigerian Penal code fraud section.